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Our Bagua is from the Liu Jing Ru Cheng Ting Hua lineage martial style as taught by Frank Allen (New York) & Chris Chappell (London). Our form style is circular, free flowing and includes physical & energetic manifestation of the Yi Jing. Regular practice will bring martial skill, abundant health, stress relief and freedom of movement to practitioners.

Bagua Chang Workshop - Swimming Dragon Palm Change, supplementary exercises & applications, circle walking and rhou shou  - 31st October 2010, Strathearn Hotel, Kirkcaldy, 1.30pm - 4.30pm


In this workshop we’ll be introducing the fluid water palm change from the moving Yi Ching as taught by Master Frank Allen. This palm change combines yin and yang energies and with consistent practice will directly benefit the practitioners ability to move smoothly without inertia. This palm  is also useful for ironing out blockages in the body particularly the shoulders.

Starting from some ‘simple’ spiraling exercises with each palm  and integrating these movements with the waist variations of the spiraling exercises will be taught with a view to combining these variations to create the water palm change movement integrated with the steps of the Single Palm  Change whilst walking the circle. Within the movement a number of variations will also be considered by moving through high and low stances.


This technically demanding palm change encourages the fluid spiraling movement which Bagua is rightly famous for; and can be used in a variety of stepping patterns brining an almost infinite number of martial applications. Once integrated physically and mentally into the body this palm change can be used for meditation.


The combined spiraling palms reflect the snake like movements of the Cheng system  and will therefore improve practitioners intellectual and physical understanding of Cheng Bagua.

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